Types of Athletes

Young or Not-so-Young…you all have the same mindset.   That is to push yourself and see what you can do.  And to WIN.

So we gear some of our writing and tools toward the Elite or Pro, those of you who know you have to invest time and money into optimizing performance – and recovering FAST means everything.   We also know that you think about what your quality of life will be when you’re done competing and being the Hired Gun on the field.   So let us help you source out the things, especially the Experts or Specialists and new technology, that might make all the difference.   We’ve been in the training rooms and in the medical waiting rooms listening to you, and we get it.

Younger athletes on the rise as well as those of us who have all the heart and drive we had at age 20, we want many of the same things.    Please read on about what has been shared with us to benefit where you are as an athlete.