Secrets of the Game

Have you ever read something and thought, “Wow, I wish someone had told me that before…” or “if I had been doing THAT, maybe I wouldn’t be feeling THIS”?

Dr. Spencer Baron, heralded Sports Chiropractor to many Elite Athletes in pro football and baseball has put together a great read for us in “Secrets of the Game”.   He has done an outstanding job of compiling many useful tips and tricks, things we all as athletes and coaches or trainers wish we’d learned sooner about how to best manage our health and improve our performance.

What to read to improve both mentally & physically -- SRS Staff

Spending countless hours caring for many talented athletes who regularly push themselves to the brink, Dr. Baron has learned through hands-on experience what really makes a difference to both our bodies and our minds.   We have had the pleasure of knowing him for years, and learning for ourselves how gifted he is in sharing and applying the insightful information and strategies outlined in his book.

“Secrets of the Game” will be one of those few books you’ll want to keep nearby, on your desk or kitchen counter, or in your gym bag or locker for quick reference.  Use it to learn, use it for reminders – as an athletic and performance devotional, if you will.

Excerpt (or, I bet you didn’t know…):  “…for the best nutritional assimilation of your food, you should drink your large amounts of fluid 30 minutes prior to eating and 60 minutes after a meal.”   Hundreds of health tips & other ideas/facts that you can put to use now to improve how you feel and how your body and mind function are waiting for you in this book.

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