Mineral Fit

Product Description:
Hydration is vital when it comes to exercise and sports.

Even low levels of dehydration (e.g., less than a 2% loss of body weight) impair cardiovascular and thermoregulatory response and reduce the capacity for exercise and performance.

Heat exposure also reduces the athlete’s ability to train and compete; an effect that can be independent of hydration status. Even if athletes are well hydrated, hot weather alone will reduce their capacity to exercise. Optimal performance is possible only when dehydration and hyperthermia are minimized by ingesting ample volumes of fluid during exercise.

That is why The Sports Rehab Shop is proud to announce MINERALFIT. Designed by Team SRS Pro, Rocco Vizzari, MINERALFIT is the most complete fluid & electrolyte replacement drink on the market.

Most “sports drinks” on the market are Hypertonic; which lead to the body diluting the solution before it can use it. Unlike the majority, MINERALFIT is Hypotonic, which allows an immediate release of fluids, Folic and Citric Acid, Vitamins (E, B6, B12), Minerals, Amino Acids, and Electrolytes to the tissues in exact proportions. MINERALFIT also will provide ALL the nutrients lost by sweat which allows the body to recover immediately.

Avoid dehydration, heat stress and loss of performance by managing it with timed nutrition and fluid replacement offered only by MINERALFIT.