At Sports Rehab Shop, we’re interested in bringing you cutting edge products that fit your needs for health, nutrition, and performance. At times, we’ll offer you products with which you may be familiar. More often, we’ll be providing you products that are first reaching the U.S. market. Our brands include 8ght, Bosu, Kelocote, and many more products. See our Brands tabs so that you can learn more.

The Sports Rehab Shop is proud to bring the original holographic technology from 8ight to you. Pro and elite athletes, junior all-stars, weekend warriors, and even moms on the go, will experience significant benefits using this revolutionary, all-natural, performance enhancement technology.

The State-of-the-art holographic data disc marries the traditional Chinese medicine of acupuncture points to produce a revolutionary delivery system achieving balance, harmony and influencing the body for optimum health.

The Sports Rehab Shop offers the original holographic technology, powered by 8ight, in convenient and easy to use, peel and stick holographic discs.

¦ ACTION™ – Enhance Athletic Performance, Increase Strength
¦ RELIEF™ – Fast, Effective, Drug-Free Pain Relief
¦ SLIM™ – Boost Metabolism, Lose Weight, Curb Cravings
¦ SLEEP™ – Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep
¦ MASS™ – Build Muscle Mass, Boost Testosterone, Enhance Strength
¦ PURIFY™ – Remove Toxins Safely, Fight Free-Radicals
¦ YOUTH™ – Recapture Youthful Skin, Revitalize Collagen Production