My Sport

My Sport:  or you could say ‘any sport’.   They all require focus and a competitive spirit.  Discipline, and the ability & desire to overcome challenges.   What started me as the founder of to go down this path of providing leading edge solutions for physical recovery & performance was having a significant impairment that I had to overcome to be able to compete like I’m determined to.   I learned from watching some pro wheelchair tennis players that there is a silver lining to every injury, disability and other type of challenge.   It is up to you to dig deep and find what you need to overcome, and to identify that silver lining and put it to work for you.   If I can do it, and these wheelchair athletes can do it, then so can you.   We in the SRS Community of Performance Pros and Athletes are here to make that task a little easier, and the process to recovery a bit faster.

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Tennis is my sport.   It has been since I first picked up a racket at age 31.   I wish I’d started much earlier.   Great coaches and trainers are to blame for helping me become addicted & exploring my athletic ability in a way that makes me want to compete at a constantly higher level.   Great players like Chris Evert hooked my interest and respect at a young age; and as a business owner and player I can’t say enough good things about Bob & Mike Bryan, our top world doubles players.  It is such a pleasure and an honor to be able to work with them and provide them with new technology that supports them at their level.   You can read more about this in another section.

I can say the same thing about snow skiing and water sports.   Jumping horses is another passion.  Taking my kids horseback riding & seeing what it is doing for their balance, core strength & confidence is amazing.  But there’s not much that I love more than throwing a football with someone who can really throw well.   A lively game with a bunch of kids and friends at the park is the best (being able to outrun my kids right now, but not for long, is really fun).   And I appreciate working out in the gym alongside my NFL player friends and seeing what they go through to stay at that level of peak performance.

Football is such an incredible sport, and it is in the blood of so many of our youth — it is a big part of our culture and history.   It is one of the key sports that drives our sports medicine community to constantly develop new technology & better protocols to speed healing and improve recovery time, and to elevate performance.   Improving power and speed/agility, vertical jumps, endurance…there’s a lot riding on maxing out what our bodies can do, and how much we can repeat what we just did.   And then there’s the personalities!   It’s all a lot of fun for us the fans – and a lot of work for those behind the scenes keeping it going at that level of intensity.

I have been behind the scenes enough listening to players, coaches, trainers and the therapists and doctors caring for these athletes to be inspired into understanding the techniques and technology that can contribute to both better performance but also to preventing injury where possible and reducing recovery time.  I realized there is a lot being applied in pro football that would benefit more athletes in other sports, and would make life better for younger athletes – the Rising Stars – and also the amateurs or slightly-aging athletes like me.   The parents and spouses of these athletes are also often under enough stress to warrant putting these things to use themselves.   We all deserve to know what is available to support us in reaching our goals!

Back to sports for the sake of sport…

Another area of the athletic world to consider is officiating.   Often the officials out on the field aren’t given much thought unless we disagree with them on something.  But for several sports at least, such as basketball, football, hockey, soccer, etc, these officials have to be pretty good athletes and in great shape to do what they do and do it well.   My friends who have made a career out of being both a Weekend Warrior AND an official will testify as to how hard they train and the toll on their bodies, so if you are in this category you have come to the right place.

Basketball and softball were my go-to sports in high school and then in college intra-murals.   Soccer was something I’d never been exposed to until I walked onto my college team because of realizing I like to run and had great eye-foot coordination.   It was just too much fun watching the Brazilian players on the mens team show off bicycle kicks and other moves and decided it was something I should try…so, ok maybe that wasn’t the best decision but I was 18.

Triathletes are all around me, so of course I bought a road bike and a trainer and all the gear and started riding – and running (which I don’t like to do unless I’m chasing a ball) – and swimming (which I don’t like to do in a pool having grown up in the ocean).  I’m going to do a tri this coming year (even if it kills me).   I love variety and cross-training.   And being around focused, almost insane athletes (and that is you, tri-athlete, if you are reading this…but at least you are smiling!) is very motivating and inspiring.   Following a Rising Star tri-athlete like Joshua Stephens on his journey to becoming a star Iron Man is very inspiring.   I also admit that I’m excited to see what cycling is going to do for my tennis game!   This sport is not only very physically demanding but also mentally and emotionally taxing.  Endurance and focus are something they work very hard to achieve.

Speaking of focus, baseball is something I really appreciate.   I’m not a fan of watching as much as I am of playing but I do appreciate the amazing talent from the local park on up, and what it takes to have the kind of accuracy, quick reflexes and power that they have to have to compete at the higher levels.  And you can’t argue with the smells and sounds inside a stadium and the thrill of seeing your favorite player knock it out of the park or a nail-biting, by a hair double-play.   Watching a talented pitcher throw so many different curves and psyche out a batter never gets old either.   The coaches and trainers who make this happen are not to be underestimated or forgotten.

I can say some of the same things about Golf.   Great amount of respect for this sport and what it takes to compete on tour – and win.   I picked up golf as an adult because it was good for business; as a Wholesaler in Financial Services I needed to be able to hold my own.   Since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know several pros trying to make it on the tour and having opportunities to be up close and then behind the scenes at some major events.   Visiting with some of the older big names in golf and hearing their stories of overcoming physical and mental challenges, self-doubt, handling the pressure, hiding pain, all made me appreciate the game that much more.   They are great athletes.  My friend’s son is an aspiring pro golfer, and he will benefit from what I’ve learned and can share in terms of the tools and services that will not only elevate his game but keep him feeling better and able to focus more easily because his body will be getting what it needs in terms of fuel and recovery support.

Have you watched martial arts or wrestling?   My brothers both wrestled and my kids take karate.  If I weren’t working on this website during karate time I would probably be on the mat with them and hopefully will be later.   But I enjoy watching them learn discipline & exercises that are improving their flexibility, balance, core-strength, agility, grip strength and mental focus.  They are more balanced emotionally and have more stamina at their age, setting them up well for life and other sports, than I was and this is exciting.  We teach each other different stretches & exercises to improve hip flexibility for better kicks and quicker reflexes — and I see that all of this is also preparing them to have a better chance for preventing injury as they age.   If you are an athlete who has never been exposed to these sports I would suggest watching a higher level match or training session – to see what you can observe and learn from that you can apply in your sport.

You can also learn a lot and have a greater appreciation for what you are able to achieve both physically and mentally by going to watch wheelchair athletes compete in any sport.  I did, and I owe a lot to what I received by volunteering at some wheelchair tennis events.   I challenge you to do the same.   It doesn’t matter what your sport is, where you live or what type of wheelchair sport…just do it.

There are so many great sports, from hockey, track and field, gymnastics, cheer leading, equestrian eventing, fencing, volleyball and more — my objective is not to cover them all here but rather to let you know that whatever your sport is you have a place here because it is about a mindset.   The one you have that brings you here because of your desire to train hard, to compete at a higher level and for longer, and to WIN.   Competing and winning is what drives us, and I want you to have what you need to feel better and recover faster while training & competing – setting yourself up to enjoy it more & perform to your potential.

Being athletic and able to push it in all areas is something I will never take for granted and I want to play hard for as long as possible – whatever the sport is – I appreciate them all.   That is what drives me to seek out, use and get to know these products and providers — and to be in a position to recommend them to you.   And the Elite athletes I know & the specialists who care for them will be bringing more to you as well.

So let’s talk about your sport and what we can do to help you prevent injury, recover faster and take it to the next level.

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