The Founder

I’m Deb Beacham and I founded Sports Rehab Shop to give athletes a place to find products to help them perform better, avoid injuries, and get back in the game quicker.

I have spent the majority of my life participating in sports. As a former collegiate soccer player, avid competitive tennis player, and firm believer in fitness, I cherish my experience as an athlete whether it is through competition or as a result of the lessons I’ve learned rehabbing at various times throughout my life.

As a mom of two young athletes, I now contribute to their athletic development and that of other athletes as a coach, counselor, and unofficial nurse but always as an advocate for their goals and those who want to continually challenge themselves to perform better.

My determination to compete and perform to my ability has led me to seek out, and ultimately frequent, the offices of some of the best professionals in sports medicine today. While I’m no longer an elite athlete, I still train with many who are and constantly look for the newest and most effective products and processes to ensure that I can fuel my desire to compete.