Muscle Performance Science – Bronson Walters, KT




Stability – Flexibility – Core – Injury Prevention – Rehabilitation

SRS is proud to be working with Bronson Walters & Muscle Performance Science in Georgia.

Second to none in this field.  Call 770-401-6452 to schedule.

MPS has a unique combination of performance training & biomechanical evaluation which allows their professional staff to identify and overcome structural weakness that develops during your season.

Bronson Walters, KT, has 15+ years experience in sports-specific strength, conditioning, rehab and hands-on recovery. He and his team, from our own experience dealing first-hand with injury rehab/prevention, pain relief and performance conditioning, are among the top in this field – in the local, regional, and even national arenas. We routinely witness exceptional results from Elite and Emerging Athletes as well as from those like us who are not paid to compete, but are just as   determined to not let anything get in our way.


Bronson’s formal education includes a B.S. in Sports Medicine with a minor in Psychology, Masters in Sports Health Science from Radford University and Chiropractic studies at Life College of Chiropractic. He holds   licenses and certificates with American Kinesiotherapist Association, Top 100 Kinesiotherapist International Fitness Professionals Association, American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine Partner, CPR and First Aid, Chiropractic Sports Physician as well as Certificate of Appreciation from Tuck Clinic of Chiropractic in 1994.