The Bryan Brothers

Winning with our MOJO band.

The Bryan Brothers
ATP Team of the Decade
Owners of the all-time world record for the most team titles

In picture after picture, we see the Bryan Bros., Bob and Mike, giving it their all – power, finesse, agility- true testaments to top-notch athletes. We also see them with the MOJO bands from The Bryan Brothers share an intense commitment to success – which is why in 2010 they have won the titles at the US Open, Australian Open, Rome, Madrid, Toronto, Cincinnati, Beijing, Basel, Los Angeles, Houston, and Delray Beach. Also at the US Open, Bob won his 7th Grand Slam Mixed Doubles Title with Liezel Huber. And this is the super short list of their incredibly long list of accomplishments.

We recognize that at SRS, the Bryan Bros.have taken a liking to the products we’re offering, because our commitment is the exact same as theirs: hard work, mutual respect, and a passion for tennis.

The Bryan Bros. are twins born 3 minutes apart and are currently 32 years of age. They turned pro in 1998, and they’ve been stellar professional athletes ever since – not only on the court but in communities around the country. Each year, they continue to break records, win an amazing number of titles- all while giving back to their fans and to their charity. They compete hard, entertain us well and serve those in need. They also continue to wear our products to boost their performance and prevent injuries.

We’re proud to sponsor such respectable, dedicated athletes in the world of tennis. We’re also proud to sponsor two players who also care about their community, within and outside of tennis.