Joshua Stevens

When we met Joshua, we were inspired by his story and his ability to turn the direction of his life around. Below, in his own words, Joshua provides the context that drove him to become the driven athlete that he is. We’re honored and proud to be a provider of products that promote a healthy, successful approach to athletic achievement.

Joshua Stephens
Marietta, GA

An SRS Athlete, Joshua Stephens

I haven’t been doing endurance racing long, but I have raced in all distances with success. Growing up I played the typical American team sports: baseball, basketball, football, and was a pretty decent athlete. During my junior year of high school, I quit playing sports and focused on doing things that would land me in a coma from a severe car wreck in late June of 2008. Not given much of a chance when admitted, through divine intervention I walked out on my own seven days later to the shock of the hospital staff. I started running as a way to clear my head, and that grew into something more.

Placing 3rd in my age group in my first 5k four months after leaving the hospital, I was hooked into endurance sports. Since that first race in November 2008, I’ve competed in road races, cycling events, and multisport races from 5ks and sprint triathlons, to ultra marathons and iron distance triathlons, and have had seven age group finishes in my first two years. SRS products help me train harder every day, and keep me recovering faster than my competition. I swear by my MOJO band, use SpeedGel anytime there’s an ache, and there’s not a tight muscle just about that a foam roller can’t fix. I use Sports Rehab Shop to keep me healthy, and to make sure I’m able to outperform my competition, and not once have I been disappointed.

-Joshua Stephens-