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Calorie Counting and the Truth About Diet Foods

A recent study at Purdue University revealed artificial sweeteners are both ineffective as a weight loss and management technique and sugar-free foods cause weight gain. Test subjects that ate yogurt sweetened with zero calorie sugar substitutes consumed more calories, gained more weight, and increased their body fat. Test subjects that ate yogurt sweetened with glucose (table sugar) did NOT gain weight or increase their body fat.

If you’ve been wondering why your sugar-free food and low-calorie snacks don’t seem to help with weight loss, this experiment explains why.

How Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain?

There are three main reasons why artificial sweeteners cause weight gain. Research studies from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and Purdue University discovered the following:

The body undergoes a series of hormonal and physiological responses that prepare the body for food intake. This natural response can be triggered by something as simple as smelling or even thinking about food which is why ‘mouth-watering’ happens when we smell dinner in the oven. Your brain sends signals to the body to get ready for nutrients. The body and brain work together to maximize nutrient absorption. The problem is the same metabolic response happens for the artificial sweeteners as it does for real calories and the body gets confused.

When we eat and drink foods with artificial sweeteners, the circulating levels of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) hormone are decreased. This is the hormone that signals the brain to create the “fullness” sensation. When the hormone doesn’t signal the brain to let us know we are “satisfied”, we continue to eat and drink until the sensation to stop is viagra

Finally, the metabolism slows down indefinitely because artificial sweeteners don’t raise your core body temperature the same way real sugar does. Zero-calorie sugar substitutes make it harder to burn calories, which is another factor that leads to weight gain.
Beyond artificial sweeteners, caffeine consumption goes up with diet foods. The body, lacking sufficient calories to maintain energy, needs a pick me up. The mass population reaches for a caffeinated beverage – which contributes to the sleep cycle being off balance!

What Is The Solution?

The team at SRS offers a simple solution for weight loss, without artificial sweeteners or caffeine!

Lose Weight Naturally with the SLIM™ holographic disc!

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The SLIM™ holographic discs ignite your body’s natural ability to slim down to your ideal weight … without weight-loss drugs, dangerous supplements or calorie counting diets. Simply peel and stick the SRS holographic disc to tap into scientifically proven acupuncture meridians of the body that help you lose fat effectively and protect lean muscle mass. The SLIM™ holographic discs start to work immediately to increase energy, decrease appetite and rev up your metabolism.

And to satisfy your sweet tooth, SRS recommends indulging in a healthy chocolate jam-packed with anti-oxidants. Xocai uses cacao that is processed perfectly to preserve the nutrients Mother Nature intended.

• Supports healthy glucose levels
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