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What should I add to my program for Training, Performance & Recovery?

Rehab & Training Resources

We aim to source out and highlight some of the leading service providers in our area – so you can get a leg up on finding solutions to help you prevent injury, recover faster and perform better.

Our favorite professionals – the ones who’ve really made a difference for us and our colleagues and fellow athletes – are the ones who incorporate a variety of rehab and prevention doctrines, but who largely follow the functional training discipline.

Consider these aspects of the program offered by one of our recommended experts and question if you are getting the most benefit from what you are currently doing to address each one:

Stability: The proper recruitment of Accelerator and Decelerator muscle groups is essential in injury prevention and performance output.

Flexibility: Working on flexibility and balance will enable the athlete to receive the maximum results from their speed and agility training program.

Core: Evaluate each athlete on an ongoing basis to address biomechanical deficiencies before they lead to injury.

Injury Prevention: Eliminating negative tendencies early will reduce an athlete’s chance of injury while greatly increasing his/her physical potential.

Rehabilitation: In the event of injury, having access to the most up-to-date and effective therapies and techniques is key. Implementing not only the right treatments & techniques with highly qualified staff, but coordinating the timing of a recovery plan are important.

Let us know if you are seeking out the best providers and tools/techniques to address these areas, and check out our Performance Pros to learn more about taking your game to a new level.




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