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The Body Helix Advantage

After years of observing competitive athletes forced to use a set of frustrating and marginally effective compression products, the founders of Body Helix developed a set of products which stay put, stay dry, and are extraordinarily effective compression support devices. While the reasons they work so well are part of an ongoing scientific debate, athletes prove they work better than anything else on the market through their repeat and referral business, every single day. Our hypothesis for the enhanced performance through Body Helix’s compression line is through a combination of muscle support, stabilization, the elimination of oscillation, as well as muscle loading through capturing elastic energy while reducing trauma, which occurs through repetitive motion.

Enhanced performance is only a third of the impact delivered through Body Helix; as the compression devices reduce pain and assist in the management of injuries. The Thigh Helix has successfully been used for hamstring and quadriceps injuries by soccer players and runners. Naturally, doctors recommend a combination of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE) for healing athletic injuries. There is no better compression device available on the market for adherence, uniformity and gentleness. Popular among physicians, chiropractors, physical trainers and physical therapists, the elasticity of our fabric is unparalleled. Skeptics readily agreed our adherence is unbeaten in the market and surprisingly requires infrequent adjustment.

The final successful use of our compression products has been in the successful recovery and reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The speed that muscles recover after extensive use is accelerated through the use of compression devices. Existing products have proven to be both inconsistent in adherence, and can become painful as well. Body Helix’s proprietary products eliminate those obstacles to the efficient use of compression devices.

Our product line is consistent with scientific evidence that supports compression in the range of 13-23 mmHg doubles blood flow in forearm musculature; both increasing performance and delaying fatigue. Customer and medical professional accolades confirm the experiential evidence that Body Helix is providing the only compression devices on the market today that provide consistent, comfortable, and the most reliable results available.


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