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Seriously, You Need to Get a GRIP!

Getting a grip… did you realize it’s an essential part of maximizing your performance potential as an athlete? Focusing on enhanced inner core resistance, and developing strength of four different types of grips, Grip4orce® provides increased muscle fiber activation and surprising advantages in three different ways:

  • Grip Stability – provides resistance against undesirable motion and strengthens the wrist. An iron clad grip allows the athlete to have more control over their opponent.
  • Support Grip – this enhancement allows the athlete to develop considerable stamina while holding on to objects or opponents, improving control over opponents, and maximizing staying power.
  • Pinch Grip – focused improvements allow athletes to use the fingers and thumbs without the use of the palm, Grip4orce® advises to “never overlook the importance of the fingers” as part of maximizing athletic performance.
  • Crush Grip – developing the ability to squeeze with maximum force creates hand strength, which allows the athlete to react in the minimum amount of time, seconds, no fractions of seconds, matter.


Muscle confusion is crucial when trying to stimulate new muscle growth and vital to avoid plateaus. The flexible Grip4orce® material is available in Regular or Stiff flexibility levels, and are easily placed on barbells, dumbbells, bars, ropes and cable attachments for use during your regular workout. Providing resistance, isolating the fingers, and recruiting groups of muscles towards doing the ordinary work of a single one; all use an increase in hand tension to produce an immediate increase in the force of joint flexion and extension; using a neighborhood of muscles produces an amplification of strength.


Enthusiasts claim immediate results and these grip enhancing products are endorsed by universities, high schools and professional athletes. Enhance your grip for 30 days without risk with the 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.


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